Sculpted Films is on Maternity Leave

Kahlo Sol Carmona-Holt, our first little one, was born at 11:16pm on July 16, 2017. Our little sunshine was born perfectly healthy and thriving, but Brittany had some late onset pregnancy complications that has led to a longer-than-typical recovery time postpartum.

We are SO excited for this big, beautiful change in our lives. So we are both planning on taking significant time away from work to recover and revel, rejoice, adjust, and just learn our new normal as we go from two to three.


12 weeks and 4 days

18 weeks

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27 weeks and 2 days

31 weeks

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39 weeks and 4 days

Kahlo’s 0 Birthday, birth photography by Amy Carroll Photography

7 days new

Alex, Brittany, and Kahlo Sol

We are definitely doing our best to ensure that all of our clients’ (current and potential) needs are met and questions are answered before, during, and after this maternity leave, so here is how this little hiatus may or may not affect you:

-From July 9th – September 1st we will officially be on maternity leave.
-We will not be scheduling any photo sessions until October.
-Any weddings we already have scheduled, we will (obviously!) still be working, it will just be Alex and our awesome second shooter, Brianna, working them.
E-mails will be checked and addressed on a weekly basis, and we thank you for your patience in waiting to hear back from us until we’re able to address e-mails! However, because of possible delays in our reply timeline, we suggest that you send us all inquires and questions well in advance to when you’d expect a reply.
-Meetings that require Brittany’s attendance will not be scheduled during this time.
-Video editing and photo editing for projects and weddings that occurred earlier in the summer will still actively be occurring during this period and all wedding films/photo collections will still be on track to be delivered within the delivery window you were given in your contract.

If you have any questions about this, we are, as always, happy to answer them, our reply might just be a tad delayed. We are SO beyond grateful for your patience and understanding during this big transition in our lives, and your support thus far in our scary but beautiful adventure has moved us – we are deeply grateful. We already knew we had the best clients in the world, and that has only been further proven by all the kindness, concern, and understanding you all have shown us thus far in our journey. We love ya to bits.

To keep up on how we’re doing, hear all about Kahlo’s entrance into the world, and watch his life as he grows too fast, follow us on Instagram!

Brittany + Alex