Olive + Knütthe artist behind our custom title illustrations

What welcomes you to your wedding film is a brief but significant part of the experience. Earlier on in our career, I knew the title screens were an important part of our films, but we weren’t very good at them. We hadn’t yet realized the magic that is outsourcing that which is not your bliss. I used to pour over various fonts for hours, and therefore the title screens looked like an afterthought. While these carefully chosen fonts did the job, they obviously did not stretch our title illustrations to their furthest artistic potential.

Enter Jane, of graphic design company Olive + Knüt, and long time bff of ours.

Jane is an artist in multiple facets (she’s a musician, a photographer, a painter, illustrator, and more) and she has been kind enough to grace our past 30 wedding films with her whimsical work. Every drawing has been carefully personalized based off the photos I took from the wedding to share with her and whatever I have to say about the mood, theme, vibe of the day. I know she pours way more time and energy into these little beauties than she needs to, so I want to take a moment and highlight her and her work.

A note from Jane:

“Art creation has always been a part of me. Growing up on Mackinac Island, MI, I was surrounded by beauty and free time. My early days of constant art creation continued with my visual art degree at Albion College.

I draw (ha) inspiration from the wonderful world of tattooing, vintage illustration, old films, and minimalist modern design. The realization that every line has personality and depicts a relationship has forever changed the way I view and create art. All of my illustrations for Sculpted Films tell a story, have personalities and show relationships.

Sculpted sends me pictures of your beautiful day, insight as to who you are, and I create a visual story!

If there are unique elements you deem necessary for your illustration (i.e. our cat is our life and he needs to be included, we are Star Wars enthusiasts, my grandmother’s favorite flower is a ranunculus…etc.), I take those details and fly with them!

I could not be more thankful to be a part of the Sculpted team, and create original pieces for the delightful couples they attract.”

Here are a few of our favorites:

If you want to share tidbits of your story with Jane to inspire what she creates for your wedding film, you can contact her directly at oliveknut@gmail.com. She also creates killer tattoo designs, wedding invitation graphic designs, and you can even order prints of your unique drawing as a keepsake.