DETROIT, MIFrancisca + Traviswedding film

The 2017 wedding season was hard for us. I was pregnant for the first half of our weddings of the year, and then Kahlo was due right in the middle of what is usually our busiest time. This year was even more uncertain than our first wedding season. Within those hardships and worries, we discovered the beauty that is the immense grace we were (and still are) granted by our 2017 couples. Never have we felt so loved, so valued, and so welcomed by the people we work for. Francisca and Travis are one of those couples who made us feel comfortable being human this past year, who helped us realize just how inextricable our business is from our personal lives (and that that’s okay, it doesn’t have to be all tidy and professional 100% of the time.)

I was at the Colony Club, filming the gorgeous details of this day, when Francisca ascended the spiral staircase, bridal gown thrown over her shoulder, top bun coiffed and face already elegantly made-up – a look inspired by her Nana’s own bridal style. She gasped and exclaimed how happy she was to see me (perhaps because seeing me meant that it really was wedding day, or maybe happy to see that I was present at all and not off giving birth, as Kahlo was due a mere two weeks after their wedding date.)

Whatever the reason, I could feel that Francisca actually meant her words in that moment. I believed that she was truly happy to see me because Travis and Francisca are two of those people that are so selflessly kind, generous, and thoughtful that it’s surprising. Because you didn’t know people could just be that nice just for the sake of it anymore, you think there must be a catch because no one is just THAT kind these days, right?

But no, they both just really are that spectacular of humans, which made them a joy to serve, and makes the two of them wholly suited for one another. So despite being heftily pregnant on their wedding day, I found myself tearily grateful to show up, witness, and be trusted to capture their marriage promises to one another.

Sure this was a glamorously gorgeous day, featuring two almost unfairly good-looking people, but all of that would fall flat if there was no realness behind the prettiness of this day. Alex did a superb job on editing this one (in my biased opinion) but trust – it’s not just good editing that’s making you feel the yummy love and good vibes Travis and Francisca share.


“We offer you this gift that you can safety pin onto Kahlo’s clothes or a blanket. This is a gift from my Nana. She calls them ‘milagros,’ or ‘miracles.’ Your fight in parenthood is a miracle from your first pregnancy to the birth of your rainbow baby. And will continue throughout your lives. I hope you continue to show the world how wonderful, yet terrifying the entire ordeal is. Because it isn’t shared enough. You two have a beautiful life, and Kahlo has 2 badass parents.”an excerpt from a card and a gift from Francisca and Travis that was the first thing we received in the mail postpartum.

It is never not a privilege to be a part of a wedding day in the pivotal and involved way that we are so often invited to be. But it is an understandably rare treat for clients to turn to friends so seamlessly, to be so exactly suited for our style of work, to really, truly “get” us and what we do. Endlessly grateful that our paths crossed with these two sweet souls.

location // Detroit, MI
venue // The Colony Club
florist // MK Carroll Designs
dress // David’s Bridal