Olive + Knütthe artist behind our custom title illustrations

Olive + Knüt
What welcomes you to your wedding film is a brief but significant part of the experience. Earlier on in our career, I knew the title screens were an important part of our films, but we weren't very good at them. We hadn't yet realized the magic that is outsourcing that which is not your bliss. I used to pour over various fonts for hours, and therefore the title screen[...]

DETROIT, MIFrancisca + Traviswedding film

Francisca + Travis
The 2017 wedding season was hard for us. I was pregnant for the first half of our weddings of the year, and then Kahlo was due right in the middle of what is usually our busiest time. This year was even more uncertain than our first wedding season. Within those hardships and worries, we discovered the beauty that is the immense grace we were (and still are) granted by[...]

Our 2017

Our 2017
I have 7 blogs started and unpublished on here. Seven - I just counted. And they are unpublished for a very silly (but very "me") reason, and that reason is, like always at the beginning of the year, we have a new website in the works, and I've been putting new content on hold until it can be occupying the new, hypothetically better space of that new website. I say th[...]

Sculpted Films is on Maternity Leave

Sculpted Films is on Maternity Leave
Kahlo Sol Carmona-Holt, our first little one, was born at 11:16pm on July 16, 2017. Our little sunshine was born perfectly healthy and thriving, but Brittany had some late onset pregnancy complications that has led to a longer-than-typical recovery time postpartum. We are SO excited for this big, beautiful change in our lives. So we are both planning on taking sign[...]

Mission Point, Mackinac Island, MIJennifer + Eddiewedding film

Jennifer + Eddie
This was a day we felt honored to just to be present for, and trusted to capture. Theirs was a love that waited a long time for this day, and its magic did not disappoint a single person in attendance. It was very evident throughout the day that these two are very loved by their friends and family a individuals and together, and I just love it when that happens. T[...]